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Project Evie 

Her name is Evelyn Morgan—because that’s the name the Witness Protection people dished out to her. If she’d known her fiancé already had a wife, there wouldn’t even be a story to tell. It doesn’t matter that she used to live in Chicago, or that she doesn’t condone cheating, or that she loved him. Now everything falls on either side of The Night. That’s how she refers to it in therapy instead of when-liar-Drew-was-killed-by-the-major-crime-syndicate-he-was-aparantly-working-for-and-oh-yeah-he’s-already-married.

It’s easier that way. Less lemon juice on the wound, so to speak.

Anyone who thinks it’s simple to step into someone else’s shoes can go to hell. Her therapist says it will get easier. He says she’ll get used to San Francisco and she might even be able to unearth repressed memories to help nail the man behind her life’s derailment—Dominic Maccalli. Little by little, she claims life as Evie and sheds her old persona. Parading legitimate credentials as the Assistant District Attorney under her new name, Evie lands a job at a top firm where she meets the enigmatic Jack Larson. But just as she finds her footing, she uncovers the identity of Drew’s freaking wife, who she not-so-affectionately refers to as the FW.

Caught between her crazy past and a future she’s never envisioned, Evie must decide how far she’ll go to uncover the truth about Drew and how involved she dares become with the good ol’ FW. Chasing the past may just get the new, fiery Evie Morgan killed.

No one wants to wake up with blood dripping from their hands, but in San Francisco innocent people are committing murder in their sleep. The killer is in REMality—a parallel existence accessed through dreams. Ryker Mills is one of the few people who know REMality exists. Its governing body—the 13s—will stop at nothing to keep their world and manipulative agenda to influence Reality a secret. But Ryker has a conscience. 

To save innocent people in Reality from prison or worse, he risks exposing REMality. His plan backfires. Six days, three hours, and nineteen minutes he fights to stay awake, but everyone has to sleep sometime. He succumbs, and the 13s seize and convict him of treason without giving credence to his pleas. He finds himself trapped in REMality while his body remains in a coma in San Francisco. However, one of the 13s, Lauren Rossi, responds to his claims. She can get Ryker his life back, but only if he helps further her agenda. Together they form a covert and tenuous alliance to stop the murders and take down the 13s. But Ryker isn’t sure if the plan will also destroy REMality, which would yank everyone visiting from Reality in their dreams into a coma.

Now Ryker must decide if he’s willing to take the lives of a few to spare the lives of many, or let REMality remain the monstrosity it’s become. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Detective Carter Taggart and Agent Maya Dawson are putting pieces together they shouldn’t understand which may derail Ryker and Lauren’s plans. Four perspectives. Two realities. Impossible choices.




Contemporary Fiction  



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Contemporary Thriller - First Book of the REMality Series 



REMality (n.)-

Derived from the infusion of the REM sleep cycle with with world reality.


A parallel existence accessible to select people 

during their dreams.