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I'm a self-taught, aspiring author. There are many things I wish I'd known at the beginning. This compilation are the tips I've learned along the way. Hoping to pay it forward.

Project Evie  

When a woman’s fiancé is murdered, she discovers not only was he already married, he was working for an infamous crime family and now she's their target. Forced into Witness Protection, she struggles to embrace her new identity as Evie while investigating a past she never knew she had. 

Enter REMality, the parallel existence of dreams, where an honorable man is exiled and innocent people commit murder in their sleep. 
Think you're immune?  Think again. 
Everybody has to sleep sometime... 





Current Projects

Aspiring Author. 

Wordsmith. Happy.  Passionate. Lover of books, wine and engaging conversation.

Obsessed with debuting my first novel.

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About Me

About Me

I've loved writing since I can remember. I grew up in Virginia and upstate New York, creating expansive journals before blogging existed. I chronicled my high school years with detailed scenes including dialogue, setting and cliffhangers. My family moved to Utah at the beginning of my junior year and I finished high school early. I attended college at both Weber State University and the University of Utah.


I spent the next eleven years in two completely different lines of work, Cosmetology (fulfilling my need for the creative) and the Investment and Insurance Industry (fulfilling my need to eat and pay the bills). I stayed in Utah except for a two year stint in Henderson, Nevada that ignited a fierce love for poolside weather. My dual focus of occupation kept me very busy through those years, but thankfully blogging emerged to keep me sane and writing regularly.


I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I decided to write a book because I hadn't claimed it as a concrete goal at that point. I just wanted to write a captivating story and see how far I could get. The longest fictional piece I’d written previously was during college and only about thirty pages. I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote a vivid scene and experienced the intoxicating phenomenon of a character taking over. The scene played movie-style in my head. I wrote like mad and my first book, REMality, took off.


I had no idea my new obsession came with a lengthy learning process. I spent countless hours researching, writing and editing. I wish I could go back to that version of myself and download everything I know now. Since that’s not an option, I created a For Writers section where I share what I wish I'd known in the beginning. I hope to pay it forward to other aspiring authors.


The first manuscript I wrote is called REMality. It's an adult contemporary thriller about a man who uncovers the reason people are committing murder in their sleep. It's approximately 83K words, packed with suspense and moral dilemmas. REMality went through several complete rewrites as I studied the craft of writing, but the evolution kept me hooked through all the changes. 


My current manuscript is called Project Evie. It's contemporary fiction about a feisty woman whose fiancé is murdered and she discovers that not only was he already married, he was also working for an infamous crime syndicate. Forced into Witness Protection, she struggles to step into the shoes of her new identity as Evie Morgan while chasing her past. Project Evie won the first chapter contest in its category at the Storymakers Conference. 

I participate in two critique groups. I've been in Riveting Writers for several years. We have four members and meet ever other week. We email a 10-15 page selection beforehand and edit everyone else's selection prior to our meeting. We then meet to discuss the edits. Recently we've been working through some of Margie Lawson's classes as well. We do an annual boot-camp and attend many local author events. One of the members has been published and the rest of us are at various stages in the publishing process. My other critique group evolved from a manuscript swap. There are four of us in that group and one of them just signed with an agent. We meet once a month to work on our current projects and discuss writing issues. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned from participating in these groups. For anyone who is serious about writing, it's vital to create or join a critique group.  


I live in Utah at the base of the most beautiful mountains where I embrace all four seasons. I freelance edit on the side, love yoga, red wine and engaging conversations.


Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey. Follow me on facebook, twitter, goodreads, tumblr, bloglovin and pinterest, or send me an email at

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